Are dry herb vapes healthy?

Using a dry herb vaporizer doesn’t mean that a person uses tobacco or cannabis as herbs. There are other herbs with medicinal values. Some of them are lavender, green tea, peppermint, lemon balm, and thyme. These herbs help people with depression, eating disorders, PTSD, and anxiety.


Apart from the above dry herb vaporizer benefits, these vapes are also used as a substitution for the people who quit smoking weed.

Isn’t it a good thing?

These reasons make the dry herb vaporizer worth it. PAX 3 vaporizer tops the best herbal vaporizer list of 2019.

So, in this article I am going to clear your doubts about weed vaporizer, it’s goodness and usage.

Let’s get started with a simple question.


Are dry herb vaporizers good?

As far as you prefer using medicinal herbs like the ones mentioned above, my answer would be a ‘yes.’

Trust me.

The dry herb vaporizers are better than any other type of vaporizers.


You may be doubtful of using tobacco in a weed vaporizer as tobacco may be harmful to your health.

But it is not.

Let me explain.

We all know smoking tobacco or cannabis is harmful to health.

But when you use tobacco as the herb in the dry herb vaporizer, the harmful side effects of smoking reduces.

For example:

Sometimes, you may feel irritation in the throat or cough while smoking tobacco. These effects get controlled if you use a weed vape like PAX 3, making it safer to use.


The reason to use a dry herb vaporizer:

The vaporizers are being designed in such a way that here Is no contact between the herbs and the heating coil.

When you switch on the power button, the battery heats the coil. This heat is lower than the burning point of the herbs.

The herbs are not burnt but cooked by convection heat.

So, there is just vapor, and this explains the dry herb vaporizer’s no smoke feature. This vapor is flavorful and contains fewer toxins.

This mechanism in dry herb vaporizer makes it the healthiest vaporizer.

But, If you still have an oscillating thought about the safety of using herbs, read below.


Vaping herbs are safer:


Whatever, herbs you use, the device vaporizes the herbs. The vapor contains the essence, flavor of the herb, and fewer toxins in cases of tobacco or cannabis.

It also helps people in relieving pain caused by arthritis, and muscle spasms.

Like the two sides of a coin, every device has its own pros and cons.

I hope you are clear about the pros and the safety of this device.

Now, moving on to cons or drawbacks.


Are vaporizers harmful?

Considering, the negative effects of using vapes, you should be careful while choosing the most efficient dry herb vaporizer.

Look out for the materials used to design the vaporizer.

For example:

Nickel coils in vaporizer produce some toxins which are bad for health.

So, be cautious while you buy a vaporizer, and it is always better to get a vaporizer made of stainless steel or ceramic coil.

The device should also have settings to adjust the heating temperature as different herbs combust at different temperatures.

I won’t assure you vaping tobacco is completely healthy. It does have harmful effects on the lungs.

But, the dry herb vaporizer health risks

are far better and safer than regular traditional smoking.

There are different types of dry herb vaporizers, among which the portable ones are much preferred.

Selecting the right one may cause confusion. But, never mind.

I have listed down some vaporizers for weed which gives you a satisfying experience.

Just have a look below.

Some of the best vaporizers for weed in 2019 are:

1.PAX 3

2.Starry V3

3.Firefly 2

4.G pen Nova LXE